Aaron Schmidt attempts to stab officer in back during altercation

31-year-old Aaron Schmidt was involved in an altercation with officers at Dunbrook Drive on December 20th. Officers received a shots-fired complaint at the mentioned location. Once they arrived, they made contact with Schmidt, who was holding a shotgun. Officers conducted an investigation and detained Schmidt, but they released him shortly after they completed the investigation. He repeatedly asked the officers for their names and badge numbers before his release. One of the officers gave him their name. Schmidt then asked the officer to take a knife and carve his name into his truck, but the officer declined. Once released, Schmidt grabbed a fixed blade from his truck and began to carve into the side of his truck. Officers were walking to their vehicles when Schmidt made the statement, “I’ll just carve it into your back.” One of the officers then heard Schmidt walking behind him in the gravel, and when he turned around, Schmidt was walking toward him with the blade in his hand. Due to the way that Schmidt was walking toward him, the officer pulled his firearm from his holster and aimed it at him. Schmidt quickly dropped the knife and walked back into his residence. Aaron Schmidt was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

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