Aminah Perkins punches ex-boyfriend multiple times during child exchange

21-year-old Aminah Perkins was booked on November 13th for assaulting her ex-boyfriend on Lynwood Circle. Police responded and spoke with Ms. Perkins, who stated that she and Devin Bartlett began arguing while she was picking up their children from his home. She stated that the argument escalated when he shoved her against the porch while strangling her to the point she couldn’t breathe and then dragged her through the yard. Officers spoke with Brenda Neal and James Neal, who were at the residence during the incident. They both said that Perkins began arguing with Bartlett during the child exchange and that she punched him multiple times until he pushed her away. The only injury observed was a small cut on the inside of Perkins’ lip. Due to the lack of evidence and multiple witnesses corroborating Bartlett’s story, Perkins was deemed the primary aggressor and transported to booking. Later, an active COR was discovered on file for Perkins, with Bartlett listed as the protected party.

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