Brandon Fenner drunk and disorderly at Billy’s bar and grill

28-year-old Brandon Fenner was booked on November 10th after police responded to Billy’s Bar and Grill for an unwanted guest. The employee told officers that Fenner was asked to leave several times and refused. They stated that he was being aggressive with them and with other customers. Officers found Fenner outside of the bar in his gold Chevrolet 1500. The officers explained that the staff at Billy’s wanted him to leave, so he drove off, away from the business, only to immediately park in the middle of the road. The police asked him to move his car and watched him as he ran through stop signs and over a concrete curb. He parked his vehicle and began to speak with officers. At this time, officers could smell the alcohol coming from his body. He declined sobriety tests, breath samples, and a blood sample. While searching his vehicle, officers found two beer cans in the cooler and a partially full can in the center console. This was Fenner’s first DUI.

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