Capria Grimes bites fiancé during dispute over infidelity

33-year-old Capria Grimes was booked on an outstanding warrant from June 10th, when she and her sister assaulted Capria’s fiancé, Antonio Blacksmith, at her home on Bret Drive. Blacksmith advised he and his fiancé got into an argument the night before due to her texting women on Blacksmith’s phone. When he got up the next morning, Ms. Grimes and her sister had his keys and refused to give them to him so he could leave. According to Blacksmith, he and Grimes then got into an argument over the keys, and he attempted to grab them. A scuffle ensued, and Grimes’ sister ripped his shirt, and Ms. Grimes bit him on his shoulder during their scuffle. Grimes’ sister fell to the floor and called the police. Ms. Grimes and her sister then returned his keys and left the scene after calling the police. Blacksmith showed officers his torn shirt and the bite mark on his shoulder.

When Mr. Blacksmith was advised of domestic laws, he attempted to go back on his initial statement so Ms. Grimes wouldn’t get in trouble. Officers tried calling back the number that called into 911 but couldn’t get in contact with Ms. Grimes or her sister, and a warrant was secured.

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