Christopher Guadarrama pinches ex-girlfriend’s eyelashes during altercation

23-year-old Christopher Guadarrama was involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Rosalia Alvarado, at the Garnet Village Townhouses on Huntco Drive late February 3rd. Alvarado informed law enforcement that she left their child in the care of Guadarrama while she went to pick up his sister. When Alvarado returned to their apartment, she heard their child crying and questioned Guadarrama about how long the child had been crying. Guadarrama began yelling and cursing at her, then left the home. After Guadarrama left, Alvarado locked all the doors of the house. Shortly after Alvarado did this, Guadarrama started banging on the door and windows until he was let back inside. Once Guadarrama was allowed back inside, he continued to yell and curse at Alvarado, even accusing her of being drunk. Guadarrama then took multiple wine bottles to the back porch and broke them. When Guadarrama came back inside, he became more physical with Alvarado by pinching her eyelashes, poking her in the eye, and pushing her to the floor. Once Alvarado was on the floor, Guadarrama mounted her, forcing Alvarado to push him off of her. Guadarrama then slapped Alvarado in the face after she pushed him off. Christopher Guadarrama was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault on February 9th.

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