DUI: Soldier Colton McNabb crashes into multiple mailboxes at high-speed

25-year-old infantry soldier Colton McNabb was booked on a citation on December 10th after leaving the scene of an accident at Rollow Lane. Witnesses stated they heard a crash and watched a male leave the scene wearing a grey hoodie and slacks. Officers checked the registration for the vehicle, and it came back as McNabb’s vehicle. The vehicle had left the roadway at a high speed, causing damage to 2 mailboxes and a fence before coming to a stop. McNabb’s vehicle was covered in mud, and the airbag was deployed, with a small amount of blood being found on the side of the bag. Near the vehicle, there was an open container of beer, and inside of the vehicle there was a strong alcoholic odor. While searching for McNabb, the officers found a man matching the description covered in mud with recent injuries to his face that were still bleeding with no shoes. Upon contact with the officers, McNabb handed over his Florida driver’s license but was clearly inebriated. He was then asked if he was willing to perform any field sobriety test, but he said no. McNabb was then taken into custody.

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