TikToker Dakota Simmons goes 120 mph down Fort Campbell Boulevard, says he was “running late to class”

22-year-old Dakota Simmons was jailed on November 30th when police observed him speeding on his Yamaha R1. The radar measured the motorcycle going 120 mph in a 45 mph zone, switching lanes, and showing complete disregard for other motorists’ safety. When the bike stopped at the red light on Fort Campbell Boulevard and Jack Miller Boulevard, the officers were able to catch up to it, but it sped off out of sight once again until it reached the 7/11 on Dover Road, where officers successfully initiated a traffic stop and identified Simmons as the driver while he attempted to get gas. He told police that he was coming from his house on Fox Meadow Way and was “running late to class” at Austin Peay State University. He was arrested and transported to booking for processing.

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