DUI: Darricus Wilson speeds down I-24 in Ford F-150

29-year-old Darricus Wilson was seen speeding in a Black Ford F-150 at Interstate 24 on December 31st. Officers observed the F-150 approaching them at 89 mph in a 70mph zone. They then conducted a traffic stop and identified Wilson as the driver. The officers were immediately greeted with the odor of alcohol emitting from Wilson’s breath. During the conversation, Wilson was also unable to provide proof of insurance. Wilson was then asked to perform some Standard Field Sobriety Tests, which he consented to. Before they started, Wilson admitted that he had consumed a muscle-relaxing pill about 4-6 hours prior. The sobriety tests revealed multiple indicators of impairment. A search of Wilson’s vehicle revealed a loaded handgun in the center console of his car. Officers read Implied Consent to him and requested him to provide a blood sample, but he refused. Officers acquired a search warrant for a blood sample and upon arrival at Sango ER, Wilson verbally refused to provide a blood sample. Wilson was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence, possession of a handgun while under the influence, speeding, no insurance, implied consent, and tampering with evidence.

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