Dartanion McGee runs over utility worker for no reason

40-year-old Dartanion McGee was involved in an altercation with Michael Boone at Tradewinds Terrace on December 19th. Boone showed up at McGee’s residence to do some work for the utility company he works for. Once Boone arrived, McGee came outside and began yelling at him for no reason. When Boone went onto the grass to continue his work, McGee entered his car, put it into reverse, and drove into Boone. The vehicle struck Boone in his left leg and stopped on the heel of his foot. Boone was able to get his foot from under the car. Officers observed black marks on Boone’s pants and marks on the vehicle. When officers spoke with McGee, he said he didn’t hit Boone with his car but that he was repositioning his car to block off the utilities. McGee did not specify why he did this. McGee said that while the vehicle was parked, Boone rubbed up against it, causing the marks on his pants. Dartanion McGee was taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment.

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