DUI: Dayquan Redd swerves between lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard in Chevy Malibu

31-year-old Dayquan Redd was seen in a silver Chevy Malibu swerving in and out of his lane at Fort Campbell Boulevard on April 6th. When officers conducted a traffic stop, Redd slowed down, turned into the left continuous turn lane, crossed three lanes of oncoming traffic, and stopped. Officers made contact with Redd and noticed a strong odor of alcohol. This prompted officers to request Redd to perform field sobriety tests. Redd consented to the sobriety tests and performed poorly. After a 20-minute observation period, Redd performed a breathalyzer test and scored a .145% BAC. Dayquan Redd was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

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