Donnell Mangum accuses girlfriend of infidelity, threatens to punch her

35-year-old Donnell Mangum was jailed on December 31st, 2023, for assaulting his girlfriend on Dunbrook Drive. Jeanette Paul told police that her boyfriend accused her of cheating on him. Paul advised that Mangum grabbed her by her wrist and took her phone to see if she had been talking to other men. Jeanette advised that she gave Mangum time to cool down, and later, they went to see the decorations downtown. While Jeanette was driving home, she and Mangum began arguing again. During this argument, Mangum said, “If you don’t stop, then I am two and a half seconds away from punching you in the face.” Jeanette continued driving to Mangum’s house, dropping him off and calling the police. Mangum was taken into custody on December 31st, 2023.

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