Dorothea Thurmond tries to stab husband multiple times for not letting her drive while drunk

45-year-old Dorothea Thurmond was jailed for assaulting her husband on Christmas after they had gotten into an argument about her attempting to drive while drunk. Frank Ehigie told police he tried to stop Dorothea by hiding her phone. Dorothea became progressively more upset and began hitting Frank. Frank said his wife even grabbed a knife and tried to stab him before he took the knife and hid it from her as well. According to Frank, Dorothea was slumped over, so he helped her to the couch, but she rolled off onto the floor. She then got off the floor and grabbed another knife in an attempt to stab Frank again. Frank took and hid that knife as well. After hiding the knives, he decided to separate himself from Dorothea by going outside and calling family members. When police spoke with Dorothea, she advised that Frank was hitting her and pushed her to the ground, where she hit her face, which was why she grabbed a knife. Police determined Dorothea to be the primary aggressor and took her into custody. Dorothea was charged with aggravated assault.

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