DUI: Dustin Mckie-Miller found drunk in a ditch, tells police “My girlfriend was driving!”

28-year-old Dustin Mckie-Miller was found drunk in a ditch on Buttercup Drive in his Chevy Malibu on December 21st. Dustin’s girlfriend, Carly Schroeder, contacted the police and told them that her boyfriend had been drinking all day and was now driving. Dustin was found in the passenger seat of his vehicle with the keys in the cup holder. When officers spoke with him, the odor of alcohol was emitting from his breath. Dustin was asked if he was driving and stated, “My girlfriend was driving!” But that contradicted the video evidence Carly gave law enforcement, which showed Dustin leaving the driveway in his vehicle. Officers asked Dustin if he wanted to perform some field sobriety tests, but he declined and asked for his lawyer. Dustin Mckie-Miller was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

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