Brenda Calderon assaults family members during dispute

37-year-old Brenda Calderon, an employee of the federal government, was involved in a domestic altercation with her daughter, Crystal Calderon, and her husband, Edgardo Calderon, at Cottage Lane on November 26th. Crystal and Edgardo were at Brenda’s house for a custody swap for their son and Crystal’s passport. While going through this process, an argument ensued over Edgardo and Brenda’s ongoing issues. Brenda, amidst the dispute, slapped Edgardo’s phone out of his hand and pushed Crystal. This sparked a fight between her and Crystal, which was all caught on video. Law enforcement observed minor cuts on Crystal’s lips and a scratch on the back of Edgardo’s neck. When questioned by law enforcement, Brenda admitted to everything mentioned but added that Edgardo got in the middle of the fight and held her to the ground. Brenda was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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