Emma Worrell slaps 13-year-old daughter multiple times, “it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

48-year-old Emma Worrell was caught by police officers pinning her 13-year-old daughter against the wall on the afternoon of November 12th. Officers received a complaint of child abuse, and upon arrival, a passerby told officers that Worrell was beating her daughter. When officers approached, the daughter looked at officers and said, “Help.” When it was time for Worrell to address the officer, she told them that her daughter was involved in a verbal altercation with their neighbor and that she had to restrain her before she went over there. Worrell’s daughter tried to push her off, but Worrell slapped her. Worrell immediately grabbed her from the front, “hugging” her head and causing a nosebleed. Her daughter supported this as the account of events.

A witness stated that she saw Worrell and her daughter pushing and then saw her slapping her daughter a few times. They said that it seemed that she was trying to restrain her daughter. The second witness said that she witnessed Worrell get pushed by her daughter, and then Worrell hit her multiple times. When asked if it seemed like she was trying to restrain her, she stated, “No, it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

Worrell was taken into custody and charged with child abuse and neglect.

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