Emma Worrell slaps 13-year-old daughter multiple times, “it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

Emma Worrell slaps 13-year-old daughter multiple times, “it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

48-year-old Emma Worrell was caught by police officers pinning her 13-year-old daughter against the wall on the afternoon of November 12th. Officers received a complaint of child abuse, and upon arrival, a passerby told officers that Worrell was beating her daughter. When officers approached, the daughter looked at officers and said, “Help.” When it was time for Worrell to address the officer, she told them that her daughter was involved in a verbal altercation with their neighbor and that she had to restrain her before she went over there. Worrell’s daughter tried to push her off, but Worrell slapped her. Worrell immediately grabbed her from the front, “hugging” her head and causing a nosebleed. Her daughter supported this as the account of events.

A witness stated that she saw Worrell and her daughter pushing and then saw her slapping her daughter a few times. They said that it seemed that she was trying to restrain her daughter. The second witness said that she witnessed Worrell get pushed by her daughter, and then Worrell hit her multiple times. When asked if it seemed like she was trying to restrain her, she stated, “No, it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

Worrell was taken into custody and charged with child abuse and neglect.


Emma Jo Worrell of Randell Drive in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on November 12th, charged with child abuse & neglect. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $5,000.

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5 thoughts on “Emma Worrell slaps 13-year-old daughter multiple times, “it looked like she was beating the tar out of her child.”

  1. Kids today need their asses whipped. I tell you, later, we will be reading about this teenager killing her mother. Then, the police who arrested her will be the ones investigating the mother’s death because of other people putting their noses in where it doesn’t belong. Kids today need their asses whipped more. You look at these kids today; they have no respect for others. This teenager wanted to go and address the neighbors over something, and the mother was trying to stop her. Then you have some damn noisy people calling the cops. So many TEENAGERS killing people today over nothing, and your nosey ass called the police because the mother was trying to stop her from going to the neighbors and starting something with them. Again, Kids today need more discipline in this COUNTRY. Hell, I grew up having been hit by anything by my mother; who would grab anything and throw it at us, and guess what? I never cussed my mother and talked back to her, even when I was in my 40s; never have I cussed my parents. Kids today will do anything against anyone because they’re not being disciplined because outside people put their noses in it. STHU, now, if she was killing her, then call the law. But all teenagers need to be held accountable for their actions; many people put their noses in where it doesn’t belong. Maybe if you stayed that hell out of other folks on how they discipline their kids, we wouldn’t have these disrespected kids of today like we have. But no, we have teenagers today who are so disrespected too other adults, not to mention how they treat their parents because they’re afraid to do anything, and it’s because of that fool who started this crap that you can’t touch your child. Well, guess what? That man who started this, his teenage son, was so messed up that he killed himself. That man had no busy telling anyone how to raise their child when his son was so messed up in the head because of drugs and other shit. Maybe he should have put some rules down or disciplined him.

    1. I threw stuff at mykids and I couldn’t whip their ass cause I couldn’t catch them. Lol . Kids think they are adults and they are not . My mom and dad were beat all the time. Everyone of my aunts and uncles had a career and big houses , nice cars. They was all beat. Juvenile authorities use to ask me if I spank my kids. I said no. They said I should. Nosey neighbors cause most issues

    2. You couldn’t have said anything more true than what you did they need a good old fashion ass whipping like we got when we were growing up now all a kid has to do is go to school and say their parents are beating them at home and the next thing you know your going to jail because the kid lied back when I was growing up if you called the cops on your mom and dad because you got your ass whipped when the cop showed up they would stand there while you got your ass whipped again for calling them and it’s the way it should be a good leather belt with 3 or 4 whacks across your ass and you listened I can remember when I was 8 yrs old my uncle was raising me and he was a great man he worked 6 days a week and we lived at my grandma’s and grandpa’s house and he didn’t get home until around 11 or 1130 at night so my grandparents watched me I remember one summer evening my grandfather was feeding his chickens and was going to gather eggs I wanted to help and he told me no because I couldn’t reach the nest so I got mad the next day before my grandpa got home from work I got the bright idea because I was mad that if I couldn’t get the eggs he wouldn’t gonna get them either so I took a bucket and stood on it and got all the eggs and broke them well he found where I broke them and I new better to lie when he asked if I did it so I told yes and why so he whipped my ass and when my uncle who was my dad because he was raising me got me out of the bed and whipped my ass again needless to say I never broke another egg and it didn’t hurt me it made me the man I am today a retired marine because of the way I was raised and I got many ass whippings growing up for back talking and doing stupid stuff that I knew better than to do but I did them anyway like you said kids this day have know respect for their parents and they can do anything they want with know repercussion because they know they can call the cops and get you arrested

  2. I agree that kids needs discipline but not like this woman was doing
    My mom used switches and stripped our legs if we were disrespecting her Dad used a belt just once then we learned to respect them. The belt was on the buttchecks. Not a beating with hands They never slapped us kids. We respected them as the adults of the house. They took us to church every Wednesday and Sundays.

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