Michael Bertinotti points rifle at ex-girlfriend’s head during argument

30-year-old Michael Bertinotti was jailed after an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Heather Franklin, became physical at their Ermine Drive residence on December 28th. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke to Bertinotti. Bertinotti advised that he and Heather Franklin had a verbal argument in the basement of the residence. Bertinotti insisted that nothing physical had occurred and that he had left after the argument had ended. Officers then contacted Heather Franklin, who advised that she and Bertinotti had verbally argued. Franklin added that she decided to break up with Bertinotti during the argument. Franklin stated that she grabbed her handgun from the bedroom and proceeded to leave the residence. As Franklin was leaving, Bertinotti retrieved his rifle and told her that he had a “bigger weapon.” Bertinotti proceeded to point the rifle at her and put it against her head. Franklin did not sustain any injuries from the incident. Michael Bertinotti was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

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