DUI: Jamye Thomas denies drinking alcohol before swerving into multiple lanes on Fort Campbell Blvd

30-year-old Jamye Thomas was jailed on December 26th after officers observed a gray Nissan Rogue swerving off the shoulder into multiple lanes on Fort Campbell Boulevard. Police initiated a traffic stop on Collier Road, where the driver ran over a curb. Officers could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle as they spoke to Ms. Thomas. Ms. Thomas appeared confused and had difficulties locating paperwork. She stated that she had smoked a substance but refused to reveal what that substance was and denied drinking any alcohol. Later, Thomas admitted to only smoking her vape and consented to field sobriety tests. She performed poorly multiple times and was taken into custody. When officers ran her name, they discovered a revoked handgun carry permit. When asked about the handgun, she admitted to having a handgun in the vehicle. However, Ms. Thomas advised the magazine was removed and in a separate location. A check through NCIC confirmed the handgun was not stolen. Jamye Thomas was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and possession of a firearm under the influence.

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