Jonathan Osborne assaults brother-in-law during argument about US Constitution

On April 5th, 24-year-old Jonathan Osborne was involved in a domestic incident with his brother-in-law Christian Boone at Osborne’s Ishee Drive residence. When officers arrived at the scene, they spoke to Boone, who claimed they were drinking that night and had a disagreement about the US Constitution. Boone also stated that during their argument, Osborne had put him in a chokehold in which he was not able to breathe. Boone stated that Katelyn Osborne, his sister, had to get Jonathan Osborne off of him.

Officers then contacted Jonathan Osborne, who claimed he was in a verbal argument with Boone due to him being too loud. Osborne asked Boone to leave the room or settle down. Jonathan also stated that after Boone continued to yell. This prompted Johnathan to get on top of him to quiet him down. However, Johnathan said he never put Boone in a chokehold. Police deemed Jonathan Osborne to be the primary aggressor, so he was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 6th.

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