Joshua Gadbaw breaks through a wall to sleep in room with his wife

28-year-old Joshua Gadbaw was caught inside an empty room at the Clarksville Heights Apartments on February 16th. A member of the maintenance personnel, David Paden, stated that during a walk-through of an empty apartment, he found two individuals, later identified as Joshua Gadbaw and his wife Amanda Melton, sleeping in one of the bedrooms. Paden then communicated that he checked the apartment beforehand at 7–8 p.m. and locked all the doors, but when he came back, the back door was open, and there was damage to the drywall, evaluated at $300-400. The damage to the living room’s drywall was done to gain access to the apartment. Joshua Gadbaw was taken into custody and charged with aggravated criminal trespass.

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