Katie Hawks assaults roommate, says police will believe her because she’s white

32-year-old Katie Lauren Hawks had a domestic altercation with her roommate, Sheila Roman, at their Hargrove Marable Road residence on June 9th. When officers arrived, they were informed that Hawks had lived in the upstairs portion of the home for four months before staying in an RV on the property. Then, Hawks alleged she walked into Roman’s room to check on her and, in return, was punched in the nose. Roman stated she was sleeping when Hawks entered her bedroom, demanding cigarettes and food. Then, after Roman asked her to leave, Hawks refused and slapped her in the face. Roman added that she punched Hawks in the nose in self-defense. Hawks then told Roman she would call the cops and that they would believe her because she was white. Hawks was then taken into custody for domestic assault. Hawks was previously arrested in March 2024 for urinating in front of officers at McDonald’s on Madison Street.

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Katie Hawks swings her cane in the air and urinates in front of officers

32-year-old Katie Lauren Hawks caused a disturbance at the McDonald’s on Madison Street in the early hours of March 21st. Officers were on a previous call regarding Hawks being trespassed from the business across the street when they observed her swinging her cane around in the air and throwing her belongings in the parking lot.

Officers noticed Hawks urinating in front of them as she walked away. She was given multiple chances to act accordingly before they tried to detain her, during which she became resistive, refusing to put her hands behind her back. Hawks was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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