Katodna Brown caught driving unregistered vehicle, tells police she will drive away anyway

24-year-old Katodna Ronquna Brown drove her Chevy Equinox with suspended tags near 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Trenton Road on the afternoon of December 15th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and approached Brown. Brown made statements alluding to knowing about her suspended tags. Brown advised that she was pulled over and cited for the violation earlier in the day. Officers checked her driving history, and it did not show anything besides the prior incident, so they issued her a warning citation. Brown, however, was told that she could not operate the vehicle due to the infraction and became argumentative. Brown then stated she would simply drive away anyway. Officers left the scene, watched Brown pull out right behind them, and initiated another traffic stop for the same infraction on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. Katodna Brown was taken into custody for driving an unregistered vehicle.

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