Kaylah Hagler slaps husband in neck during argument

23-year-old Kaylah Hagler was involved in a domestic altercation with her husband, Tyler Hyle, at West Allen Griffey Road on December 16th. Law enforcement arrived to see the couple still at the residence. Upon contact with Hyle, he said he argued with Hagler but wasn’t sure what it was about. He stated that the argument escalated to the point where they were yelling in each other’s faces. Hyle told them that it got to the point where Hagler slapped him in his neck, causing visible abrasions. He quickly replied that he never touched his wife during the altercation. Hyle added that his mother-in-law had asked for the phone that she paid for back, so he tossed it to her, unintentionally hitting her. Officers asked the mother-in-law, who was present on the scene if she felt assaulted, and she stated, “No.” Hagler told officers that nothing got physical with her and Hyle. She added that they were yelling in each other’s faces, but she didn’t know what they were arguing about. Hagler was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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