Lamont Lockhart strangles girlfriend during altercation, violates conditions of release

29-year-old Lamont Doshay Lockhart had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Tyeisha Pace, at her Baltimore Drive apartment in the early hours of March 13th. Around 6:23 a.m., Pace alerted the authorities, advising them that she had received a call from Laverne Johnson at 5:10 a.m. Pace stated Johnson asked if her vehicle was outside because she believed Lockhart was using it. When Pace went outside to check, it was not there, but later, when she looked again, she noticed he was outside her residence. Pace stated when she was on the front porch, Lockhart approached her and put his hands around her neck. Lockhart pushed Pace down to the couch in the living room. Pace added that she had difficulty breathing during the incident. Lockhart then went upstairs and rummaged through Pace’s purse before leaving. Officers discovered he had an active COR with Pace as the protected party. The couple has a previous history of domestic assault, including an incident in February 2024. Lockhart was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault and contempt on March 25th.

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