Letita Hamer punches, slaps ex-husband during dispute over divorce

48-year-old Letita Hamer was at her house with her ex-husband, Patrick Hamer, on October 24th when she went into the room where he was sleeping to discuss why he was sleeping in a different room. Patrick tried to leave their home to avoid the conversation, but Letita blocked him in the room with her body. In the scuffle to escape the room, Letita grabbed his keys and hid them from him. Patrick thought that she had put them under the bed, so he went back into the bedroom to grab his belongings, and she began to kick and push him to prevent him from getting his items.  This led to a continuation of the argument, which prompted her husband to attempt to grab his things again, but this time successfully. Only to be put in a headlock and punched and slapped in the face, which led to visible markings on his face. Letita was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

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