18-year-old Nevaeh Williamson lies to police about crash involving stolen vehicle

18-year-old Nevaeh Williamson was caught giving law enforcement false information on April 1st. During the investigation of a car theft, Williamson and Leslie Beene-Littles were listed as suspects. While Williamson and Beene-Littles were in possession of the stolen vehicle, they got involved in a car crash. A witness of the collision, Jeffer Burton, informed law enforcement that he assisted Beene-Littles out of the driver’s seat and helped Williamson out of the passenger. However, when officers contacted Williamson, she stated she was the vehicle’s driver. During a follow-up investigation, Williamson and Beene-Littles were detained. Once Mirandized, Williamson admitted that she lied to the officers on the scene and confessed that Beene-Littles was driving during the crash. Nevaeh Williamson was taken into custody and charged with false reporting.

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