DUI: Nicole Christianson hits fence, falls into ditch after drinking “3 to 4 shots”

27-year-old Nicole Christianson was involved in a single-vehicle car accident at the intersection of Allison Drive and Walnut Street on April 8th. During the investigation of the crash, it was found that Christianson’s car failed to complete a turn, struck a fence, left the road, and fell into a small ditch. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Christianson, who admitted to drinking “3 or 4 shots.” When Christianson was asked on a scale of 1-10 how drunk she was, she stated “3 to 4 out of 10.” This prompted officers to request her to perform field sobriety tests. Christianson consented to the sobriety tests and performed poorly. After a 20-minute observation period, Christianson performed a breathalyzer test and scored a .122% BAC. Nicole Christianson was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence, failing to exercise due care, and driving with no license and no registration.

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