Soldier Keeshawn Collins assaults multiple women during dispute near O’Connor’s Pub

24-year-old Soldier Keeshawn Collins was involved in a dispute with Victoria Thompson, Lauren Duffy, and Emille Oswald near O’Connor’s Pub on March 17th. Shane Brayton was the only person not intoxicated, so he drove the group home in his Jeep. Thompson, Duffy, and Oswald were sitting in the center row of the Jeep. Collins and another witness of the incident, Cameron Davignon, were sitting in the backseat. Davignon informed officers that one of the females was talking rudely to Collins, and she turned around and tapped him. Thompson stated that while they were driving home, Collins leaned into the center row and strangled her. Duffy told officers that while she was sitting on the side, she was stuck with an open palm on the back of her head and pushed into the window. Oswald told officers that she was also strangled. Brayton’s account of the situation was that he heard the commotion, pulled over, and told everyone to get out. Collins and Davignon walked away from the car, so Brayton took the women home. Law enforcement contacted Collins over the phone, but he refused to speak without his lawyer present. Keeshawn Collins was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

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