DUI: Shala Anthony Edwards recklessly drives in circles on Christmas morning

39-year-old Shala Anthony Edwards was booked Christmas morning after reports of a black male driving recklessly in circles on Dublin Drive, honking and hitting a stop sign. When police arrived, they observed the SUV and driver matching the description. They witnessed the SUV park in front of a home on Dublin Drive. Officers watched as Mr. Edwards drove toward Pollard Lane and parked at the stop sign, blocking an entire lane of traffic. When the police made contact with Mr. Edwards, he was slurring his words, and his eyes were staring upward. The officers asked him to turn off his engine and step out of the vehicle, to which he nodded in understanding but rolled his window up instead. The officer knocked on the window, and Mr. Edwards opened the door, dropping his key to the ground as he exited the vehicle. Edwards was smiling as he leaned against his SUV. Officers attempted to investigate Mr. Edwards, but his speech was so slurred they couldn’t understand his answers. He smelled like alcohol and was placed into custody for suspicion of DUI. He refused a blood sample, and a warrant was obtained for a blood draw. Mr. Edwards was transported to Tennova before being taken to booking.

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