Shane Francis destroys girlfriend’s belongings after dispute over money

26-year-old Shane Francis was caught vandalizing his girlfriend’s apartment on March 26th. When officers arrived at Needmore Road and spoke to Ms. Green, she told them that Francis had destroyed property inside her apartment after he locked her out.

Ms. Green listed off the damaged items: a Black & Decker microwave, a Maytag dryer, several pieces of her clothing, and medication. The microwave’s door frame had been ripped off and damaged. The Maytag dryer had a large amount of wet washing detergent thrown in it. Ms. Green’s clothing and various medications were thrown in the bathtub with running water. The total cost of the damage Francis caused was deemed to be greater than $1000.

Francis stated that he had damaged the property because he was frustrated with Ms. Green because of a dispute over money. Shane Francis was then taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

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