David St Romain calls police on reckless driver, gets arrested for reckless driving

46-year-old David St Romain was booked on an outstanding warrant for recklessly driving on September 15th, 2022, at Rossview Road. David St Romain called the police, reporting a vehicle that passed him for reckless driving. Romain then sped up to the vehicle that passed him as both turned onto Dunbar Cave Road, causing them to nearly crash due to Romain’s reckless driving. The officer then attempted to initiate a traffic stop on Romain. Thinking the officer was going to stop the vehicle he had initially reported, Romain pulled over enough to wave for the officer to pass him. Once Romain realized the officer was pulling him over instead, he continued to drive, evading the traffic stop initiated on him despite the 911 operator advising him to pull over. The officer turned off his lights and sirens and followed him for two minutes but ceased the chase after recognizing the vehicles would not stop.

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