Taylor Ray threatens to kill himself after assaulting father during argument

30-year-old Taylor Ray was booked on February 9th for assaulting his father on Excell Road. Police were met by Taylor’s parents, Jerry Ray and Mrs. Ray, who alleged an assault occurred between Jerry and their son Taylor. According to Mr. and Mrs. Ray. they received a text message from Taylor stating that he locked himself in the bathroom with a handgun and wanted to kill himself. Officers attempted to contact Taylor, fearing for his safety, but Taylor had put a dresser against his door, barricading himself inside. Further investigation discovered that an argument between the father and son occurred, which turned physical. Taylor slammed a door during the argument, breaking the handle and creating a hole in the door. Taylor then confronted his father with a “bearhug” and shoved him to the couch. Taylor refused to open the door for officers, and negotiation took place for approximately a half hour before Taylor was taken into custody for assault.

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