Terry Roberson assaults wife after accusing her of wearing lingerie for someone else

33-year-old Terry Roberson was jailed after having a physical altercation with his estranged wife, Erica Roberson, on December 24th. Officers met Erica in the parking lot of Walmart on Wilma Rudolph. Erica noted that she and Terry are currently going through a divorce. Erica advised the Officers that she had come home from grocery shopping when Terry proceeded to go through her belongings. Terry then accused her of buying things, including lingerie, to wear for someone else. Erica stated that Terry began to get aggressive and throw stuff out of her suitcase, making a mess. Terry then took Erica’s phone after she threatened to call the police, causing Erica to fear for her life. Erica tried asking Terry to return her phone. In response, Terry grabbed Erica by her neck and broke the bathroom door by throwing her against it. Terry then left the scene, and Erica contacted the police. Terry Roberson was taken into custody on December 28th and charged with aggravated assault.

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