Travon Hatcher strangles, threatens to kill woman who wouldn’t have sex with him

25-year-old Travon Hatcher was booked for threatening to kill a woman who wouldn’t have sex with him. Shania Bibby advised that on December 21st, she and Travon had met at her car with the intent of having sex. Shania stated that she then changed her mind and tried to leave the backseat where she was sitting with Travon. Travon grabbed her, pulled her back into the car, and strangled her. Travon held her down with one hand wrapped around her throat until she could not breathe. Shania feared for her life after Travon stated that he would shoot her with the pistol he had in the center console. He then finally let her go, and she ran into the house. Shania showed officers security footage showing the time she entered her home on Fugi Lane. Officers found Travon on Flat Rock Road, where he admitted that he went to Fugi Lane intending to have sex with Shania but stated no assault occurred. Officers noted that they reviewed text messages from Shania from the day after the alleged incident, and the messages had no mention of an assault. Despite this, officers determined Travon Hatcher to be the primary aggressor and charged him with aggravated assault on December 24th.

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