Trent Dillon steals co-worker’s card to buy a PlayStation 5

24-year-old Trent Dillon, employee of Hankook Tire, was caught committing identity theft while working at Hankook Tire Plant on November 28th. The victim reported on November 30th that she believed that a co-worker had taken her card and made unauthorized purchases. On November 28th, she noticed that her card was stolen, noting that Dillon was seated right next to her when she had this realization. The card was used to place an order for a PlayStation 5 from Walmart. Walmart provided law enforcement with the order information, which revealed that the order was shipped to Dillon’s house. The account used to place the order also used Dillon’s personal cell phone number and email address. Dillon was taken into custody and charged with identity theft and theft of property.

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