Tyra Nettles-Bentley assaults daughter, pins her down in front yard

45-year-old Tyra Nettles-Bentley was jailed on November 8th after showing up at her daughter’s house unexpectedly and engaging in an altercation. When officers arrived on the scene, they observed Tyra on top of her daughter in the front yard. She appeared to be restraining her. The officers separated the two and asked Tyra what happened. She said she came by to check on her daughter, Kali Emonie Nettles because she was concerned about her well-being. According to Tyra, her daughter became agitated and punched her in the face as she tried to walk out the door. Tyra admitted that she hit Kali back, and they ended up in the front yard, where officers found them upon arrival. Tyra had cuts on her arms and her left eye, which did not need medical attention.

According to Kali, when her mother showed up at her house, they argued and asked her to leave several times, but she refused. Kali provided video footage of the altercation. The video showed the two arguing and Kali telling her mother to leave several times. Tyra walked out of the house several times but returned and re-engaged every time. Kali stepped close to her mother, pointing in her face and yelling. Tyra then put her belongings down, squared up, and the two began fighting. Once they stopped fighting, Tyra turned to walk out the door when Kali shoved her in the back of the head, re-engaging the physical altercation outside.

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