Free Wi-Fi available now available in 2 Clarksville parks, 2 more on the way

Free Wi-Fi available now available in 2 Clarksville parks, 2 more on the way

Heritage and Valleybrook parks now offer free Wi-Fi for guests, with two more parks to be connected in the near future, thanks to a partnership between the City of Clarksville and Google. In September of this year, three wireless hotspots were installed at Heritage Park and one additional hotspot at Valleybrook. They are currently active and providing free access to Wi-Fi for park guests.

Access to the internet can be a hurdle for many residents, especially in low-income areas. Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Letourneau said she is glad her department can help meet this need.

“Clarksville’s parks have been a safe haven and are close to some of these residents who may not have the means to travel to locations with Free Wi-Fi,” Letourneau said. “This public service can allow those individuals to more easily access information for school, work, community services, and stay connected with family and friends.”

Heritage Park is located at 1241 Peachers Mill Road and is currently one of Clarksville’s largest sports complexes with multiple soccer fields, baseball fields, and a skate park. Valleybrook Park is located at 213 Crossland Avenue.

How to log in

In order to use the new public Wi-Fi service, all users have to do is select the correct network on their Wi-Fi-enabled device. Once selected, users are asked to “login” by agreeing to the terms and conditions of service.

More parks on the way

Heritage and Vallebrook are not the only parks that will receive free Wi-Fi service. Both Edith Pettus and Dixon Parks have been approved by Google for free Wi-Fi as well and are expected to be online by the end of this month.

There are also plans to add additional hotspots to Heritage Park, further increasing coverage throughout the soccer fields.


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