La Plaza on Riverside scored 74 by Health Dept; long history of low scores on surprise inspections

La Plaza on Riverside scored 74 by Health Dept; long history of low scores on surprise inspections

State Health Inspectors say they walked into La Plaza #3 on Riverside Drive Wednesday to find no soap or hot water at the hand-washing sink, raw food stores above ready-to-eat foods that could be dripped on, a dish-washing machine with zero chlorine, raw shrimp and steak was too warm and had to be embargoed, knives stores behind wall trim, and an abundance of gnats.

In August of 2020, their routine inspection scored a 77 with a follow-up of 93; in March of 2020, the restaurant scored a 55, with a follow-up of 92, and last November they managed to score a 65, with a follow-up of 94 — setting a clear trend that rules are only followed for a short period after being caught breaking them.

In addition to the above infractions, the queso temperature on the prep table was too low, bulk food was unlabeled, pipes leaking, and a variety of other infections, earning the restaurant a 74 on their health inspection.

  • 8: No soap available at hand sink upon arrival. COS
  • 13: Prep table: raw food above RTE foods, COS by putting raw meats on the bottom shelf and RTE above.
  • 14: Dish Machine not detecting chlorine when tested. They are aware and have contacted a repair service.
  • 19: Queso on prep table was not holding at 135*, queso was removed to reheat to 165*. COS.
  • 20: Raw shrimp and steak held in cold holding at above 41*, 2lbs shrimp was at 47* and embargoed in the bottom of prep cooler.
  • 35: Bulk containers of chips not labeled.
  • 36: Abundance of nats in the dry storage area.
  • 37: Employee cell phone store above prep line.
  • 41: Bowls being used as scoops, bowls were also stored In down food products. Knives are being stored behind wall trim.
  • 48: No hot water available at hand sink in kitchen front area.
  • 49: Pipes on dish machine leaking water when being run.
  • 53: Debris buildup on ceiling tiles above food prep area, ice build-up in WIF floor, broken floor tiles throughout the kitchen.

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