Joshua Gonzalez booted from Electric Cowboy, returns with his parents #Arrested

26-year-old Joshua Costas Gonzalez was in a fight at the Electric Cowboy just before 2 a.m. Saturday and police and medics responded for assistance as security had him detained at the time. Gonzalez was agitated and refused to speak with officers, and refused all medical assistance. He was told to leave the property and not to return that night, and a friend took him home. Just under an hour later, Gonzalez returned to the club with his family, including his parents, at which time he was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

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La Plaza on Riverside scored 74 by Health Dept; long history of low scores on surprise inspections

State Health Inspectors say they walked into La Plaza #3 on Riverside Drive Wednesday to find no soap or hot water at the hand-washing sink, raw food stores above ready-to-eat foods that could be dripped on, a dish-washing machine with zero chlorine, raw shrimp and steak that was too warm had to be embargoed, knives stores behind wall trim, and an abundance of gnats.

In August of 2020, their routine inspection scored a 77 with a follow-up of 93; in March of 2020, the restaurant scored a 55, with a follow-up of 92, and last November they managed to score a 65, with a follow-up of 94 — setting a clear trend that rules are only followed for a short period after being caught breaking them.

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Clarksville Police make pettiest “marijuana” arrest on residue — Cynthia Hutchins

Clarksville Police have arrested Cynthia ‘Katie’ Hutchins and charged her with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after finding “marijuana residue” (but no actual usable marijuana), scales, and sandwich bags inside a vehicle she was briefly in with Jocqui Smith, who they had under surveillance for drug activity. She is free on a $2,500 bond.

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