Riverside Drive Waffle House scores 62 on Health Inspection

Riverside Drive Waffle House scores 62 on Health Inspection

With 5 pounds of food embargoed, and some violations issued for the 8th consecutive time, Waffle House on Riverside Drive received a score of 62 on a routine health inspection Wednesday. This is the lowest score ever for this location, which once received an 88 in October of 2021 as the prior lowest score. Employees will be forced to wash dishes by hand until the dishwasher is repaired, as it was not properly heating, and stop placing their phones on the cutting boards where food is prepared, another multiple other remedies before the follow-up inspection within a few days.

When an inspector from the health department arrived unannounced on Wednesday at 9:28 a.m., the first observation was that the employee hand sink was filled with a bucket containing mop water, preventing employee hand washing – this was the 8th time this violation has occurred.

The dishwashing machine was not heating to the required temperature, and dishes will have to be washed by hand in a three-compartment sink until repairs are completed. Additional violations included a rotten tomato in the reach-in cooler with eggs and waffle mix, not washing hands before butter waffles for a customer, large amounts of standing water in reach-in coolers, and employee phones on cutting boards.


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