Soldier Darien Brooks charged with DUI after drinking “one Four Loko” and speeding

23-year-old Darien Brooks was jailed on July 22nd when police observed him speeding down Tiny Town. Police radar confirmed he was going 61 mph in a 45 mph zone. When officers made contact with Mr. Brooks, they smelled alcohol emitting from his body. He had watery eyes and slowed speech. He told the officer that he had “one four loco.” Police saw a white cup in the center console, which Mr. Books admitted to being alcohol. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken to Tennova for a blood sample.

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Army Sgt. Luke Jackson arrested after wife cowers in closet as he punches through door

27-year-old Fort Campbell Sergeant Luke Anthony Jackson is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Harmony Jackson, after an argument left her cowering in a closet as he beat through the door.

Officers arrived at the Clarksville home on May 22nd, where the victim stated she retreated to the closet to escape from the argument, and once she was inside the closet, Luke began punching and elbowing the door near the victim. Once he had broken through the door, she was able to escape and take the children to another room, and on her way out, he raised his leg as if to kick her, and when she went back later to take a photo of the damage, he knocked the phone from her hand.

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