Shayna Sweet bites, hits baby-daddy in head during argument

Shayna Sweet bites, hits baby-daddy in head during argument

32-year-old Shayna Sweet was jailed on November 17th after assaulting the father of her child on Peachers Mill Road. Brandon Safford told officers that the two were arguing about her keys, and when he tried to leave, Ms. Sweet bit him on the arm, leaving bruised teeth marks on his skin. Brandon added that he was then hit in the head but wouldn’t give any more details. When officers spoke to Ms. Sweet, she initially stated that nothing physical occurred but later said she only bit Brandon because he bit her first. Every time Ms. Sweet explained the events, she left out details. When officers asked her why she was deceitful, she said she didn’t want anyone to get into trouble. She was then placed into custody and transported to Montgomery County Jail.


Shayna Deloris Sweet was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on November 18th, charged with domestic assault. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $1,500.

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