Lucas Hall booked for using bathroom at Marathon gas station

Lucas Hall booked for using bathroom at Marathon gas station

37-year-old Lucas Hall was booked on November 30th after using the bathroom at the Marathon gas station on Riverside Drive. The manager at the location told police that Mr. Hall had trespassed when he walked in and used the restroom and that a photo of him was on file as he had been banned in November. Police found Mr. Hall down the road. and asked him if he went into the Marathon gas station, to which he stated, “Yes, to use the bathroom.” Police informed Mr. Hall that he was banned from the business on November 27th and placed him into custody for trespassing.


Lucas Alan Hall was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on November 30th, charged with trespassing. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $500.

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3 thoughts on “Lucas Hall booked for using bathroom at Marathon gas station

  1. Wouldn’t Jesus be proud? A person uses a public restroom and gets arrested.
    A person begs for money and gets arrested. Where are all the “Christians” in this country? What has happened to people that we’ve become so callous to the needs of our fellow human beings?

  2. Beleive me, you cannot let a lot of people in your locked bathroom. 1. You dont know what a lot of them are doing. 2. Many simply will not come out 3. They can and do significant structural and expensive damage. 4. They commit crimes while in there. And there would have been a valid reason to keep this person away from their property. In downtown Nashville many gas stations etc lock their bathroom doors about 8pm and have outdoor port-a-johns because they have had too many incidents, and that is since around 2008 to 2010 era. Hotels also lock their public bathrooms as people will CV ome in and take baths in the sinks and who knows what else.

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