Amos Williams fires shots into the air during fight at The Dutchman’s Laundromat

34-year-old Amos Williams was jailed on July 23rd after a fight broke out in the parking lot of Dutchman’s Laundromat. Latoshia Walls, Victoria Sanders, and Alissia Rives stated that they were involved in a fight when Williams pulled out a gun fired four shots in the air, and then pointed the gun at them. Shell casings were found in the parking lot, and witnesses were able to describe the vehicle Williams left in. Police found a vehicle matching the description and spoke with Williams, who stated he was trying to break up a fight that his sister was involved in and saw another male reaching for a gun, at which point he went to his car to grab a gun and fired rounds in the air. A gun was found under the seat Mr. Williams was sitting in, along with casings and a loaded magazine.

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