Anna Colon assaults ex-boyfriend during argument about their breakup

30-year-old Anna Colon was involved in an altercation with her roommate, Christopher Paulino, at the Garnet Villiage Townhouses on February 10th. Officers arrived and made contact with Paulino, who expressed that over the past months, he and Colon have been arguing about separating. They both agreed to live with each other but live in their own space. Paulino stated that on this day, Colon began an argument about them breaking up. She started to yell and hit him along with his belongings. Paulino pulled out his phone and began recording once the situation relaxed. Colon continued yelling and arguing with him when she realized he was recording, which led Colon to shove Pailino and snatch the phone out of his hands. Anna Colon was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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