Cameron Ray faces felony charge after lying to police & insurance about how his car became totaled

20-year-old Cameron Ray is free on a $10,000 bond after lying to police and his insurance company about how his 2010 white Camaro became totaled. On March 6th the APSU Pike called police to 518 Franklin Street, where he reported someone crashed into his car in the church parking lot and fled the scene, causing full airbag deployment, and “massive damage” which the insurance company determined to be written off as “totaled”.

Days later it was determined that Ray was actually driving the car on Elkmont Drive when he left the roadway and struck a Chevrolet Silverado which was parked in a driveway, then fled the scene. Authorities suspect he was likely impaired at the time of the crash. He is charged with felony filing a false report and leaving the scene of an accident. Further insurance fraud charges and monetary civil suits are likely, according to those familiar with the events.

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