Jace Downey caught with minor at Governor’s Square Mall

20-year-old Jace “Fredo” Downey was caught aiding a minor in running away from home at Blue Spruce Drive on February 10th. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and made contact with Downey’s aunt. She told officers that Downey was at Governor’s Square Mall with a girl who stayed the night. Once at the mall, officers made contact with both the minor and Downey. Downey stated that he picked up the minor this morning at a Kroger, but the minor said she stayed the night at his residence. The minor’s mother was able to provide messages on her daughter’s phone displaying messages from “Fredo” to the minor about seeing each other on the night of February 9th. Jace Downey was taken into custody and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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