DUI: Bobby Greene has 3 hit-and-runs in one day

43-year-old Bobby Greene was driving under the influence after a hit and run near College Street and 9th Street on April 23rd. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Elizabeth Parent, who was the driver of the first vehicle that was hit. Parent told officers that while she was traveling down Wilma as it turns to College Street, she was rear-ended by a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. She proceeded to pull over to the side of the road while the motorcycle driver fled the scene.

Officers then spoke with  Lillian Pinay, who told officers that she was also struck by the motorcycle but was hit first. Pinay claimed that while she was traveling to College Street from Wilma, she was rear-ended by the motorcycle, and after this, the motorcycle swerved in the far left lane and hit Parents’ vehicle. She told officers that she tried to get Greene’s attention; however, he kept driving.

Greene was also involved in another accident further up College Street. The description of Greene matched the description given by Parent and Pinay, and he was caught and transported to Tennova Hospital for evaluation due to his injuries from the crashes. While at the hospital, officers asked Greene to consent to a blood test, which he did, and on May 18th, results indicated that Greene was intoxicated the day of the accidents. A warrant was issued, and Green was taken into custody for driving under the influence on May 23rd.

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