Joe Rodriguez assaults man who left Electric Cowboy with his ex-girlfriend

32-year-old Joe Rodriguez was jailed on July 1st after assaulting a man he had seen leaving the troubled Electric Cowboy with his ex-girlfriend. Police responded to the club on Riverside Drive and spoke with the victims, Sara Ray and Cameron Jensen. Mr. Jensen told police that he met Ms. Ray at Electric Cowboy, and they intended to leave together. When they got to his truck, Mr. Rodriguez opened the passenger’s door and pulled Ms. Ray out, then punched Mr. Jensen in the face multiple times. The two victims then got out of the truck and left the parking lot. Ms. Ray noticed her phone was missing. Officers called her phone number, and Mr. Rodriguez answered. He admitted to taking Ms. Ray’s phone, Mr. Jensen’s keys and beating him up inside the truck. Police arrested Mr. Rodriguez at his home on Elberta Drive.

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