Clarksville Teacher Chreece Trammell punches mother in her face after heated argument

46-year-old Moore Magnet Stem Elementary School teacher Chreece Trammell was involved in an altercation with her mother, Linda Lee, at their Foxfield Drive residence on January 11th. Officers arrived at their home and made contact with Lee, who informed them that Trammell punched her in the face after asking her to get a coffee pot from the attic. Trammell told her that she couldn’t have the coffee pot upstairs with her and that it didn’t belong to her. Lee told her that it did and got up to get it herself. This only led to Trammell getting in her face and yelling vulgarities. Their argument became so agitated that Lee’s 13-year-old grandson got between them to calm the situation, but Trammell reached over him and punched her mother in the face. Chreece Trammell was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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